Museum Manufactory brings together all the know-how required to carry out a turnkey project. Our teams interact in symbiosis and each participate in a single objective: to bring your project to a successful conclusion: consulting, project management, design, innovation.


We work with you to define the main lines of your project, both in the technical and ergonomic feasibility study and in the management and supervision of the work.


Projet Management

We handle the entire range of services required for the smooth running of your project, from anticipating problems to operational supervision


In the design phase, we think about the project as a whole, from the initial idea to the technical and human resources involved. We take into account the multiple constraints linked to its location, sustainability and accessibility.


Notre regard contemporain nous pousse à envisager des solutions pensées pour demain. Notre expérience et notre expertise nous mènent à envisager toutes les solutions plastiques et technologiques pour envisager les expériences futures, en prise avec les narrations et dimensions nouvelles.