Hardware, audiovisual and multimedia design and engineering

After analyzing the needs of our clients, we draw up specifications for the realization of technical clauses. Accompanied by our team of engineers, we know how to be a force of proposal for the advice and the adaptation of the contents to the needs and the technical possibilities of the project. Thanks to our know-how, we study and recommend the implementation of the necessary power supply, management and operating devices (CFO, CFA, water supply, electrical diagrams, HVAC, reserves, technical grids, etc.) to the technical constraints of multimedia, audiovisual and experimental productions, lighting, custom furniture, etc.

We also attach great importance to ensuring the thermal and acoustic comfort of the premises. The sanitary and environmental characteristics of the materials, the safety of the users, the PMR accessibility, the conformity and the respect of the standards in force, are integral parts of our studies.

For the production and distribution of multimedia and audiovisual resources, we study and implement all the technical elements necessary for the final operation of the augmented or virtual reality device, for example: for the capture, processing, transmission, distribution and storage of sources and flows.
We also organize the operation of the devices and systems implemented in the spaces and manage the technical teams of operation and maintenance.


This service requires a constant adaptation to new practices, regulations and training, as well as a good knowledge of the equipment and various devices of diffusion. It is a watch, in short, that we naturally carry out through our various trades.