Project Management Assistance

In our Project Management Assistance (PMA) assignments, we provide advice, expertise and monitoring to help the project owner define, manage and operate the project. With our expertise, we advise and make proposals, to act continuously in a global approach, while keeping in mind that the client remains the sole decision-maker. Under the supervision of a single contact person to facilitate communication, we coordinate projects so as to enable the client to fulfil his own obligations. Museum Manufactory thus acts as an interface between the project owner (MOA) and the design team (MOE).

Our intervention as an assistant to the project owner involves:

  • the management of the project in its entirety on the scenic and museographic aspect: from the programme to the turnkey delivery;
  • providing expertise during the life of the project, particularly in the field of new technologies;
  • managing the project in financial terms (budget (estimation and monitoring), fees, cost of works, etc.), technical terms (quality monitoring, expert opinions, studies of variants, etc.), and in terms of deadlines (reporting, analysis of provisional and actual planning, etc.);
  • participation in conflict management;
  • upstream identification of risks identified for the project and proposals for solutions to address them;
  • Assistance in the selection of service providers, particularly in the preparation of calls for tender and analysis of responses;
  • ensuring coordination and communication. In other words: the smooth running of business operations (in design and site monitoring) and the control of interfaces between the various project members/experts;
  • follow up and guarantee a complete administrative and technical documentation of the project until the completion of the recollection files.


This mission also includes the definition of strategic objectives and functional and technical requirements in relation to the needs of the client. We adapt and provide adjustment solutions if necessary, in order to successfully complete projects of any scale. Thus we remain a source of proposals at all stages of the project, both in design and implementation.