Conception and global design

As design experts, we take projects from the first sketches to their full realization, until they are fully operational. We design experiences for visitors, in the fields of culture, museums, exhibitions, showrooms and corporate communication actions (educational visits, VIP, information tours, etc.), staging of objects, works and collections, creating innovative and immersive spaces. To do this, we specialize in the implementation of multimedia and audiovisual installations at the cutting edge of new technologies by associating them with adapted signage, graphic, or sensory concepts.

Our concept forms after taking into account the feasibility – with a faithful visual rendering – in order to validate our idea with you. At this stage, we also take care to set up all the parameters to build the project on a solid basis, for the subsequent phases of design. The success of a project, especially in the cultural field, relies on teamwork and collaboration, especially with content experts (historians, specific committees, archaeologists, scientists, etc.), partners, architects and technical specialists. We fully understand the role that everyone has to play and we take this into account in the development of our design packages that make the project smooth and cost-effective.

We know that good operational planning is essential to delivering exceptional experiences. This allows us to manage all the functions of the space as an integrated and interconnected whole whether we are dealing with a new building, a site extension, a renovation or an intervention in the existing.

In parallel to the design studies, we help our clients determine the functions of the organizational structure of the future space and the personnel needs in the operational phase, such as the intervention of facilitators or guides, for example. In addition, we develop processes and policies for the future management of the galleries, the services that can be offered to visitors, the museological and/or educational functions for example, the circuits and times of visitors, the management of collections and storage. Finally, our teams are experienced in working in multilingual and multicultural contexts.