Cultural mediation and storytelling expertise

We believe that a clear and readable message is the sine qua non for a successful visitor experience. In order to develop an accurate, engaging and interesting narrative or storytelling model, we focus on analyzing the content and pulling out the main themes, sub-themes and messages that are essential to the success of any project.

In addition, because it is important to maintain authenticity and veracity in any project, we move forward by taking into account the opinions and recommendations of scientific committees. Historians, archaeologists, experts, curators, academics…we maintain an informed dialogue for a discourse that is always close to factual reality.

Our content construction includes exchanges with these expert profiles, each time different and specific to each project. We design stories and experiences that immerse each visitor in a custom-made universe, supported, if necessary, by cultural mediation, dedicated objects and furniture, interactive or immersive devices…

All of this is done with a concern for public relevance and in keeping with the vision, the collection and the objectives of the institution or the company initiating the project.