Financial projection, investment and operation

We help our clients to define their project in its most successful version and to communicate a convincing vision. Based on accurate and rigorous research, feasibility studies are carried out, with options evaluated, in response to strategic requirements. In close collaboration with them, we define the forecasted schedules from a strategic point of view for each project, examine various options for optimizing work schedules in terms of delivery management, including evaluating different procurement and contracting methods, for example.

Working regularly upstream, in the early phases of a project, from the phase of preparing investment files and grant applications in particular, we bring together our expertise in spatial and functional planning for new museum spaces, reception or exhibition centers, etc., and can therefore support the project owner in the optimal preparation of the project.

And because a project requires financial means upstream, for its development until the medium or long term exploitation phase, we are able to assist you by bringing you our expertise because of our interventions at each of these steps or stages. Establishing investment projections, forecasting operations, in short, elaborating a financial feasibility plan, is one of our skills. This includes, among other things, the study and analysis of the possibilities to resort to additional aid to which the project may be entitled; or the elaboration of forecast scenarios to build your project step by step.