Design of immersive and interactive digital experiences

Multimedia offers the unique advantage of providing an extraordinary dimension to an experience, to a discovery. We are aware of this and know how to handle these technologies so that they can enhance your project. It is about making the visitor an actor, a decision-maker, a judge of his visit. For us, interactivity can be understood in many ways, but it must enrich or touch the visitor to provoke a feeling of emotion or satisfaction.

More than classical lectures, learned lessons, there is a real demand for the visitor to be taken into account in his or her entirety, in his or her identity, in his or her receptivity when visiting. To do this, we propose immersive and interactive universes to touch – in the broadest sense of the word – the visitors.

This experience not only feeds the minds, but also makes the exchanges and the returns even more enriching, in a virtuous circle of cultural mediation.

Not only do we transmit a cultural message, but we also make the emotion of discovery available to all. Through the creation of multimedia devices, we generate a great adaptability by including contents declined and popularized for all audiences (schoolchildren, different age groups, handicapped people (surtitling, subtitling, simplified screens, audioguide or podcasting…), etc.) for example, without necessarily having to add additional graphic surfaces/spaces/furniture.