Memory space dedicated to Sainte-Catherine

Compagnie des Filles de la Charité Saint-Vincent-de-Paul localisation du projet Paris

During the construction of the intergenerational multi-generational centre at 77 rue de Reuilly, the site of the Compagnie des Filles de Charité de Saint-Vincent-de-Paul underwent a profound change. The museum dedicated to Sainte-Catherine is located there and allows visitors to discover the history of the place, from the Hospice d’Enghien in 1829 to the construction of the centre in 2017, to discover the Compagnie des Filles de la Charité and in particular the life of Catherine Labouré and understand her spiritual journey.

Our role:

For this turnkey project, Museum Manufactory managed the entire project. The scenography was entrusted to Atelier FCS. We proceeded with the writing and the conception of the course, the conception and the graphic execution, the printing and laying of papers in the museum, as well as the conception of an exterior fresco, and of information labels for the visitors. exhibits that belonged to Catherine Labouré. We have also designed and produced multimedia terminals, equipped with playful maps.


Our service:

  • Coordination of the Turnkey Project
  • Graphic design
  • Print silkscreen production: wall timeline and cladding
  • Multimedia production: interactive cartographic and playful interactive terminals

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