“Connecting Minds, Building the Future” area, CNRS, French Pavilion, Expo 2020

CNRS localisation du projet Dubai

In the “Planet Science” sub-space, the CNRS, the French National Centre for Scientific Research, is honouring science and the excellence of French know-how through a new immersive space called “Antarctica, a laboratory of the future”. The scenography places the cutting-edge research conducted in Antarctica at the heart of the exhibition, to raise awareness of this territory of science and peace, for the future of the planet. In the first part of the exhibition, visitors are invited to see familiar animals, discover rarer species and listen to the incredible wealth of sounds of underwater life. In the second part, they can visualise the territory of the Durmont-d’Urville Antarctic base and witness experiments conducted in extreme weather conditions.


Photos credits : ©Guillaume ARGENTO

Our role:

Museum Manufactory designed and produced the two multi-screen immersive spaces in their entirety.


Our service:

  • Layout design
  • Audiovisual design and production
  • Sound creation
  • Technical design and installation
  • Lighting

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