Alcoves of the Roman Theatre of Orange

EDEIS localisation du projet Orange

The project’s aim is to bring culture and heritage together in Orange through innovation, whether it be sound and/or visual. It is about inviting visitors and the population to awaken their curiosity and increase their knowledge by encouraging them to live intergenerational experiences to share these places of history and memory listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, while making the city shine at the heart of its territory, its country and extend its reputation internationally.

To this end, Museum Manufactory deploys all of its skills to carry out this “turnkey” project: design, scenography and creation of the museographic tour of the alcoves of the cavea – Roman Theatre of Orange “From Roman to modern genius”. The visit takes place in 4 alcoves, located under the cavea, the terraces of the Roman Theatre.

The first one is naturally themed around the theater, due to the prestige and authenticity of the place. The second alcove is about writing, school and laws. The third alcove focuses on hydraulic engineering and the inventiveness of the Romans in their relationship with water. Finally, the fourth alcove is devoted to leisure and gastronomy.

Our role:

Museum Manufactory managed the entire project.

Our service:

  • Scenography and museography of the exhibition space
  • Design of the furniture
  • Multimedia design and production
  • Audiovisual design and production
  • Graphic design and production

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