«Mobility » area, Flying Whales, French Pavilion, Expo 2020

Flying Whales localisation du projet Dubai

Flying Whales is developing an ambitious programme of safe and sustainable transport by airship for heavy and oversized loads, using unpressurised helium technology. As part of its presence in the French Pavilion at Expo 2020, this start-up is playing the innovation and mobility card through a device imagined as a living merry-go-round, which is reminiscent of its “flying whales”. Through a modern treatment of an object already presented in the past at World Fairs, the visitor benefits from a dreamlike physical and digital experience.


Photos credits : ©Guillaume ARGENTO

Our role:

Museum Manufactory designed and produced the entire device, from the carousel motor to the video projection.


Our service:

  • Design and manufacture of the furniture and motorised structures
  • Installation and configuration of the broadcasting equipment
  • Audiovisual design and production

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