Arena of Nîmes

EDEIS localisation du projet Nîmes

The amphitheater of Nîmes was built circa 100 AD, only twenty years after the Coliseum in Rome. Although the Coliseum remains the largest amphitheater in the Roman world, the “Arena” of Nîmes is in a much better state of preservation. While the inhabitants of Rome used the Coliseum as a stone quarry throughout the Middle Ages, the inhabitants of Nîmes were able to preserve their monument by transforming it into a residential area. Thanks to this, we can still discover its track, most of its terraces, its interior galleries and all of its arches.

Within the framework of the implementation of the new DSP of the city of Nîmes “Nîmes la Romaine”, we were in charge on behalf of the EDEIS teams, of the conception and the realization of the new alcoves of visit: “The gladiators’ school” and “The bull from Antiquity to our days”.

The gladiators’ school

Like the other great cities of the Roman Empire, Nîmes had its gladiator school. Here in the arenas, under the Roman Empire, these men were volunteers who fought for glory and money. This space evokes their life with equipment inspired by ancient originals. It also highlights an archaeological piece that can be seen in the Musée de la Romanité.

The bull from Antiquity to today

As the main entrance of the Arena still testifies today, the bull was already present in the Arena of Nîmes in ancient times. Celebrated for thousands of years by different civilizations around the Mediterranean, this animal has its place in this space dedicated to its history, from its origins to the present day. In partnership with the Musée des Cultures Taurines.

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Our role:

Museum Manufactory managed the entire project, from the scenographic conception of the itinerary to the implementation of the scenography: conception, design, graphics, audiovisual and multimedia, production and installation integration.

Our service:

  • Scenographic design
  • Graphic design and execution
  • Research and writing of contents
  • Technical engineering and lighting
  • Supply and installation of technical equipment
  • Audiovisual and multimedia production
  • Layout
  • Printing and installation
  • Site management

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