Discovery center Chauvet Cave

Syndicat mixte de la Caverne du Pont-d'Arc localisation du projet Vallon Pont-d'Arc

Scientific knowledge on more than 35,000 years of history is transmitted to visitors, through a multitude of devices, for a sensitive approach to prehistory. Young and old can travel to the time of prehistoric men, with a film show that traces the daily life and activities of men in the cave. Accessible to the greatest number of people, this initiatory journey offers the visitor an immersive and educational discovery of this unique and remarkable testimony to the invention of art, listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Our role:

Our team produced all the multimedia content of this interpretation center, located a few meters from the facsimile: documentary fictions, sound design, illustrations, animation and motion design, interviews, reconstructions 2D and 3D, and motion detection… On interactive terminals, the little visitor can decipher cave art and Aurignacians by accessing mediation content and interactive games. To sharpen the public’s interest and appeal to their imaginations, the interactive horse fresco allows you to relive the creative gesture of the artists who painted on the wall, by capturing, via kinect, the silhouette of the visitor’s fingers.


Our service:

  • Multimedia production
  • Audiovisual production
  • Film show, interactive terminals, multitouch table, interactive fresco

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